Having worked with Celebs for a number of years, we saw a need for a product which would deter Paparazzi and their ever encroaching invasion of the privacy of those in the public eye. Our aim is to BACK OFF the "OUTLAW PAPARAZZI." They have crossed the line in recent years and must be stopped. 

This product was formulated to be safe and not harmful to people. The ingredients are cosmetic grade ingredients used in many personal products and totally non-toxic. The intent is only to blur the lenses of the annoying Paparazzi's cameras. STOParazzi ® Spray will get the Paps to step back causing them not only to be thrown off gaurd, but to lose focus when their lens is suddenly splopped with a gob of STOParazzi® Spray gunk. It's hard to remove too.  A couple squirts and a clean get away can be had by the Celeb while the Pap is trying desperately to clean his camera.

Our aim is to aid Celebs and those in the public eye in combatting the "Outlaw" Paparazzi. Outlaw Paparazzi are those photographers who use illegal, threatening and dangerous tactics to get the shot. We intend to provide not only interesting and entertaining information, but valuable tips and viable solutions to help prevent Paparazzi incidents. We also provide insight into the ramifications of their behavior coupled with ideas and tips on dealing with them and outsmarting them. 

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WHO IS STOParazzi®??

We are an Anti-Stalkarazzi firm who supports the privacy and rights of celebrities. We support photographers and photo journalism but not the “Outlaw Paparazzi” who stalk, chase, harass, lie in wait, provoke or use in-your-face taunting tactics to acquire pix of Celebs. 

STOParazzi® is a valuable resource for successful solutions, strategies and legal remedies you, as a celebrity, should know. We are even compiling a Hall of Shame where we plan to post photos/addresses of the worst paps. See how they like it. 


STOParazzi® Spray


to People


to Camera Lenses


Need to be Stopped!

Make them BACK OFF!

Get Them 

Out of Your Face

NO, it won't ruin the camera, justmuck up the lens long enough to make a break for it and RUIN the Pap's shot!

TAKE control of YOUR IMAGE,back from the STALKarazzi TODAY!!!

TheSTOParazzi ® Spray Way

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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